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On Earth Day, I Expanded My Carbon Footprint

Rhcrest Wrote: Apr 23, 2012 5:46 AM
Good for you John! I do the same type of thing. I open all the lights in my house and turn on anything electrical i can think of. Whatever the environMENTALists want us to do , i will do the opposite at this point out of spite because the whole environmental thing is just a farce whose ultimate objective is to control everything we do. I also tell my kids to ignore the teachers at school when they babble on about the environment

To celebrate “earth day” this year, I decided that I would do what the Obama administration just hasn’t been able to figure out: I would stimulate the economy by the conscious expansion of my carbon footprint.

So I ran the air conditioning for a while in my house.

I also turned all the lights on in the house. Well, actually, I just didn’t turn off the lights my kids turned on. Through this process of reverse attrition, at one point, all the lights in the house eventually were on.

I call this Ransom’s Law: The amount of lights...