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Explosion in Uncovered Employment During the "Recovery"

rhayden Wrote: Nov 11, 2012 4:42 AM
The jobs added, 4,951,000, are not since 1-2009, but from 10-2009. From my own data downloads, I looked for 139,088,000 (the graph # for 1-2009) & found the month. I got them from, which got them from the BLS. The lowest amount employed was 136,809,000,1-2010. The amount employed 1-2009 was 140,436,000. From the graph, it is unknown which month the figures are from. Usually when only one number for a year, it's the average, unless otherwise noted. Where did those graphs come from? I tried to go to the base part of the URL, but "error." The maker is neither fully aware of using Excel for graph refinement, nor of explanatory notations, including labeling.
Covered employment is the set of working employees that have unemployment benefits.

Self-employed persons such as myself have to pay into state unemployment insurance programs but we are ineligible to receive benefits (we are not covered).

Similarly, people selling trinkets on Ebay as well as those involved in multi-level marketing schemes and calling it their only job are not covered either.

Covered employment was one of the topics that came up in my November 2 interview on Capital Account with...