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The Boondoggle Express

rhawkins Wrote: Jun 01, 2014 10:55 AM
First of all, the rail line will NEVER be completed. Environmental groups will see to that. But even if only a portion of this mess is ever completed, the only people who will benefit will be some union workers and a few well-connected insider cronies. What an absolute joke. But californians deserve what they get. They voted for Moonbeam.
This dude gives me the creeps... just like most of Obama's other picks. Trouble is, he'll go far with that big creepy smile, race-bating, and giving away the freebies.
The people running our "universities" are unqualified, incompetent, and fascist. These are people who should be in minimum wage jobs but were inexplicably pushed up the ladder.
Obama's done such an awesome job destroying the very fabric of this once-great country, I think he's also earned the right to retire.
The economy?? Seriously? There has been NO actual improvement in the economy. All you have to do is look around you. "For lease" signs all over the place, people living on credit and EBT cards, and just a general malaise. The only economy that's improving is the one in DC that the ruling elite lives in.
Only an extremely deluded narcissist could fire up that megawatt smile after the mess he's created. Not sure what's worse... this loser president or the morons who buy what's he's trying to sell.
I wish they'd publicly come out against it too. That way we could sweep these losers from office and throw them out into the private economy and let 'em see how they like that. It would give them a chance to see how they've screwed it up.
Unfortunately I don't think we'll ever be rid of him. He'll become a fixture on the lecture circuit, he'll be honored at every democrat convention (just to prove they aren't racists) for the next 100 years. He'll write books, he'll show up at college commencements, he'll act as ambassador to Venezuela and on and on... and we'll never be rid of his lying mouth.
What a coincidence! We here in the U.S. are also seeking the rule of law.
C'mon Magic. Don't be a tool. Obama is hustling you guys like nobody's business. It's embarrassing.
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