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McConnell's Gambit Solves Nothing

rhawkins Wrote: Feb 24, 2015 2:35 PM
GOP are the gang that couldn't shoot straight. All they ever manage to hit is their own feet.
This is sheer BS. A complete head fake for gullible christians.
This moron is reminding me of Obama. Big mouth open. Spewing his anger and hate. Enough. He doesn't belong in this country to start with.
Just some folks who got slaughtered by some other folks who happen to be adherents of a mysterious, bankrupt ideology. Not a big deal.
Unbelievable. Obama has DoD so cowed that they'll parrot his ridiculous line of thinking. Everybody thinks impeachment is off the table. Why is that? If any president needed to be impeached it's this guy. And pronto.
Of course, Catholics would be offended at a cartoon depicting the Pope with a condom on his head. But the point is, they wouldn't go out and murder people over it. And as far as "growing up" is concerned, we all have a right to act like idiots adolescents if we want to. That's what freedom is. Period. And those who are offended by it can bug off. Live on your feet, don't die on you knees.
Yes. And we can start by deporting these concrete-headed morons. Their ignorance of America and its culture make them the enemy within.
I will be popping champagne that day.
This country badly needs more like Sen. Coburn. Really sorry to see him go.
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