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Of course, Catholics would be offended at a cartoon depicting the Pope with a condom on his head. But the point is, they wouldn't go out and murder people over it. And as far as "growing up" is concerned, we all have a right to act like idiots adolescents if we want to. That's what freedom is. Period. And those who are offended by it can bug off. Live on your feet, don't die on you knees.
Yes. And we can start by deporting these concrete-headed morons. Their ignorance of America and its culture make them the enemy within.
I will be popping champagne that day.
This country badly needs more like Sen. Coburn. Really sorry to see him go.
Calling these anti-American parasites, "Nuts" is a slap in the face to actual mental patients. They're really just traitors, willing to assist TheOne in his destruction of our military.
David Clarke would be a great addition to the next administration.
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Wanting Desperately to Matter

rhawkins Wrote: Nov 14, 2014 9:06 AM
Yes, they're also standing out of the way while Barack Obama unleashes more damage on this country that will take decades to fix, if it can be fixed at all.
Funny how these goofy machines never seem to switch a democrat vote to a republican one.
Blacks with a victim mentality are easy pickin's for jihdai recruiters. That's why we've got so many converts that come out of prison. Muslim clerics are convincing these guys that islam is their true, original religion and that they need to throw off the yoke of western religion/culture that is responsible for the screwed up lives. They stoke the fires of hate and swell the ranks of America-hating miscreants that the rest of us have to deal with.
Right on the money. You'll notice the classics have been done away with and students are getting out of college reading at a 10th grade level... maybe. It's not only illiteracy that is plaguing us, but the lack of a thought process based on logic and reason. Students used to get exposure to thought-provoking ideas regarding the big issues of human history. Not anymore. Our leftist elites have created a population of children dependent on nanny govt. to help them think and survive. It's pitiful, but it had to be done to make possible the gargantuan, omnipresent, and all-controlling central govt. we're now all living under.
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