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Bank of America Assaults Gun Client

Rhasta Wrote: Apr 22, 2012 11:16 AM
This is just the latest of a whole line of crazy moves Bank of America has made and why I have never had the slightest of urges to do business with them. I also can't see why I would ever do business with them.
Good list. Let me add one thing that Obama does well. He golfs and vacations alot. I think we can all agree that he's least dangerous then. I think we should all pitch in and make sure he gets even more time off next year - as an ex-president.
Good idea, but the list would be very long and you might have to pack a lunch to read it.
Here's some constructive advice. How 'bout America doesn't make the same mistake twice. Do not vote for Obama in 2012!
Castro is not macho. (By the way I not only looked up macho, but double checked with my Spanish speaking friends and they agreed that I was pretty solid on the definition.) He is, however, a girly-a$$ coward and so is Maher. Anyone without their head up their rearward facing smile can see that. Both are parasites, and like any parasite that does not kill their host (Cuba or the American viewing public) they will eventually pass and the host will recover and move on. Since one is old and feeble and the other untalented and becoming more and more desperate for attention I don't think we have to wait that long.
I'm not quite sure that you know what satire is. Wouldn't satire need just a bit of truth to be satire, or funny for that manner. No, Maher is, like many on the left, a Castro lover.
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