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I suspect the hair debate is more a case of sour grapes brought on because their particular favorite did not win . Gabby put in a sterling performance and well deserved to win . If her hair did not meet with the approval of some well , tough . She should be judged on the merit of her performance and athletic acheivement , not on her hair .
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'Mad Dog' Harry Reid

rhaines Wrote: Aug 09, 2012 8:10 AM
The decline of the Democratic Party began with LBJ , and continued on with Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton and now , Barry Obama . To make things worse , their ranks are filled with individuals with a total lack of moral character . Individuals who would rather see party dominance and personal fame (or infamy} than to work for the good of America and her people . As fo Harry Reid , the old coot should be in a rocker down at the old age home not leader of the Senate . What a totally dispicable old may . His sleeze is second only to Nancy Pelosi and his insanity and rants matched only by Maxine Waters . I truely hope that America wakes up and ousts some of these leftists we are plagued with in the Senate , reduce Harry to the rank and file
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