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Truth 1725

rh32 Wrote: Oct 04, 2012 6:06 PM
I am an avid reader of Mike's essays. They are great, but I have to take issue with the statement: "The Bible was not constructed by a bunch of counter-culture outcasts who merely tossed aside the parts they deemed objectionable." We can't deny that, over the centuries, various bodies, whether anointed by God or self-anointed, have indeed tossed aside ancient scriptures that they deemed objectionable when deciding upon biblical canon. And, while Christianity became so widespread later that no one would call them "counter-culture outcasts," Christians were in fact seen as just that for the first few centuries. (More in another post)
One of my readers reached out to me a couple of years ago with the hope that I could help him communicate with his prodigal nephew. The kid had grown up in a Christian home and seemed to be doing well until he enrolled at a local community college. It was there that he decided to abandon his conservative and Christian beliefs. Even worse than that, he decided to replace them by joining a neo-pagan cult. I will not mention the group by name as I do not want to give them more attention than they deserve.

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