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Amy & Jay, I enjoyed our back and forth...I really did learn a bit more about guns that I didn't know prior, but I'm going to hop off the board. Merry Christmas to all!
Amy, your logic is too simple.... 1. If these types of weapons were not available (both banned and made illegal) it would be harder (not impossible) to access them. 2. I have no idea the nuts & bolts of using these or other types of oddball weapons are effective as his weapon. Very difficult to kill 26 people with a speeding car. 3. Lastly, not all mentally ill people are dangerous and it is impossible to predict who will carry out a mass killing. So, the most sensible measure is gun control. Amy, do you know why I'm not going to jump on my private jet this weekend? Because, I don't have one. Do you know why I'm not going to shoot anyone this weekend? Because I don't have a gun.
Again, I am not here to debate you on gun terminology, but please tell me if you think one of the possible solutions to these types of mass killing tragedies is some level of gun control, and if the answer is yes, then wouldn't it make sense to start with weapons that are capable of killing the maximum amount of people in the shortest amount of time? If the answer is no gun control, then what as a responsible person is the answer?
Jay, I'm really not trying to insult anyone here... There are many reasons why these tragedies happen, but video games, hollywood movies, poor parenting, and mental health issues are all secondary to easy access to the types of weapons that can kill the maximum amount of people in the shortest amount of time. Why is it that the majority of the people on this board ignore this?
Again, I am not an expert on riffles and that is apparent, but doesn't logic say that this type of weapon is much more capable of killing the maximum amount of people in the shortest amount of time than a traditional rifle?
Amy, I didn't say fully auto I said "automatic and semi-automatic"...please read more carefully. My expertise in this subject is certainly not equal to you Amy, but that is beside the point, There are over 11,000 gun homicides/year and any weapon that is capable of a high rate of fire in a short amount of time is the type of weapon used in these types of mass killings. Why isn't an effective ban on these types of weapons on the table for you?
so what do you call an AR-15 that has been modified to be fully automatic that can fire over a hundred rounds a minute...Jay, I think you're stuck on semantics.
Logic and reason on this board...you sir, must have hit the wrong keys to get here!
Yeah, you're right, because the US economy before Obama took over was doing just fine!
Lt. Bud, I have a question for you...how difficult is it to convert an AR-15 style riffle to be fully automatic?
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