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Obama and Gun Control

RGR28 Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 12:09 PM
I don't have to look to the press. My great aunt witnessed a triple lynching in Duluth Minnesota when she was 16 years old. One of the town "ladies" had said she had been raped by them, but recanted later because there stories were too wobbly to be believed. In fact is a just an excuse for the good people of Duluth like yourself to get drunk and lynch three young men. The American history that lives in your head must look like brown mush, you sick racist.

Difficulty in getting change in our country is an ongoing source of frustration. Particularly when we have huge problems facing us as we do today.

But the founders knew what they were doing setting up the checks and balances of our constitutional republic. The delicate arrangement we call freedom should never submit with ease to a charismatic demagogue or to an emotion filled crisis.

The current push for gun control is case and point. It is at a time like this that we should be grateful that changing our laws is hard to do.

Every normal and decent American wants to...