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Precisely who were the "real conservative leaders that have abandoned you? What kind of Godly leader are you imagining, and what do you think his :Godliness:" would do for you alll? What is the scenario you re praying for?
Hmm. I dont theenk so! Here;s a dangerous thought: Find your local library and check our some book on the subject.
He has left Boehner,, Cantor, McCarthy and Ryan in the dust.
I never could figure out why Christie was a Republican, he was always too independent in his thinking and values, he was too smart. He refused to trade in platitudes and second hand , handed down platitudes, and insisted on telling things as he saw them. Not good qualities for a Republican.
I think that when cons reduce every piece of history, every theory, every idea, every complex fact into a bumper sticker, it's really, really cute.
Yeah, Lois, you should confine yourself to Faux News and Sarah Palin blogs, then you will be just as informed as the cons who post here.
Drunk, paranoid, power-mad and delusioned, definitely a true conservative hero.
And all of the Israelis I know think they are jacka$$es anyway.
Thank you, God, for not making me a conservative.
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