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So, why not share your answer with the rest of us? It might be of great use to us/
.and since you have no suggestions on how to prevent a local incident like Newtown RGR27. What are your ideas, Camb? How will you guarantee that another mass murder never happens?
I'm interested in knowing how other people think. I'm also interested in the distortion of human communication by means of the internet.
"unless we find young atheist males a friend" ? I don't know what you mean by that. Are you saying that mentally ill people are sick because they are atheist? I don't understand.
You are wrong. Connecticut was the tipping point.
All of this talk right now is being caused by a horrific tragedy in Connecticut.
Asking me how I would personally stop the next group assassination is not a legitimate question. You yourself could not answer that question.
I think you are struggling for a way out of this conversation. It is not possible for me to prevent the next school or theater massacre. That's my opinion. If I could, I would. If you are talking about a more long range solution, I have plenty of ideas, but none of them would be doable before the next shooting. And, if you want a civil debate, lose the sanctimonious assumptions about what I think.
In all honesty, I'm getting up and down from the computer as we have guests coming in an hour and I'm trying to do this and help with the preparation. I was at a memorial service all afternoon and therefore pressed for time.
The next shooting will undoubtedly happen, and they will continue with more and more frequency. The flood of guns into our culture, our culture in general, and the laws and lack of funding that isolates truly unhinged people will guarantee many more Sandy Hooks in the future.
Meant for Megnetar
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