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Michael Bloomberg Puts Anti-Gun Plans Into Action

RGR25 Wrote: Dec 02, 2012 10:37 PM
Where is your evidence or proof that he employs armed body guards?
MudontheTires Wrote: Dec 02, 2012 10:58 PM
"Blowing statements out of your backside does not count as a fact"

You do it all the time RGR. Like when you claim to know why Americans buy guns.

Stupid Prog
America's Most Dangerous Mayor has long advocated stricter gun control laws - not just in his own mayoral jurisdiction, but in other places around the country. Not content to merely govern New Yorkers, Bloomberg has begun to put his personal fortune on the line to oust Second Amendment advocates around the country.

The Sacramento Bee reports that Bloomberg spent millions in opposition of a pro-gun Democrat Congressman in California. His efforts were rewarded, as the NRA-supported Democrat lost to a more liberal candidate.

No doubt the strongest gun control advocate...