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Maybe Mahar is the type of person who doesn't automatically suck up every stupid bumper sticker meme that comes down the road. Most Clown Hall posters could learn a lesson from him.
Funny, I frequently have that thought when I visit this web site.
I only come here when my time isn't valuable for anything else. Past two days are the first time in two weeks, moron.
Now they should show the funny part of the show where he reminded everybody that "The constitution was no brought directly to us by Jesus" and that the second amendment needs to be completely re-written or deleted altogether. I'll bet you're not going to see that part on Clown Hall.
And, Texas conservatives would reject it just like they did Hurrican Sandy relief.
Fox news said that one of the suspects was the actress Zooey Deschanel. I love Fox News, these days they are the only funny thing in America.
YOu guys seem to support the constitution when it's about the second amendment. When it comes to judicial rights, not so much.
But, of course, cons like Giuliani are just shocked, mind you, shocked! that anyone could hate America for the simpleminded support of the Chechnyan cause.
Frank Gaffney of the militarist Centre for Security Policy; Bruce Jackson, former US military intelligence officer and one-time vice-president of Lockheed Martin, now president of the US Committee on Nato; Michael Ledeen of the American Enterprise Institute, a former admirer of Italian fascism and now a leading proponent of regime change in Iran; and R. James Woolsey, the former CIA director who is one of the leading cheerleaders behind George Bush's plans to re-model the Muslim world along pro-US lines." The ACPC later sanitized "Chechnya" to "Caucasus" so it's rebranded itself as the "American Committee for Peace in the Caucasus."
The leading group supporting the Chechen cause is the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya (ACPC). The list of the self-styled 'distinguished Americans' who are its members is a roll call of the most prominent neoconservatives who so enthusiastically support the 'war on terror.' "They include Richard Perle, the notorious Pentagon adviser; Elliott Abrams of Iran-Contra fame; Kenneth Adelman, the former US ambassador to the UN who egged on the invasion of Iraq by predicting it would be 'a cakewalk'; Midge Decter, biographer of Donald Rumsfeld and a director of the rightwing Heritage Foundation;
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