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And pro-gun psychotics talk about every woman in an attic who blows someone's head off.
Yes, Giant Brain, we want to confiscate every gun in America so we can take over the country and massacre the lot of you, like our hero Stalin.
Also, we admire the guy who shot up 23 children in Newton. It isn't easy to pump 13 bullets into a 6 year old in such a short time.
Jason, I think you should have a stupid contest with USMC. I know you believe that everybody who votes for Obama loves the memory of Mao and Stalin and Pol Pot and admires them for massacreing innocents. I'm going to let you keep believing it, I can see it is important to you.
Jason thinks that all liberals are posting the names and addresses of all gun owners in America, or approve of it. This is the result of getting your information on FOX.
In China, someone attacked 23 children with knives. Every child survived.
Amy, that says more about the conservative world view than you think. Too bad that you consider yourselves the weaker members of society.
Let's hope and pray that next time the intruder is the next door neighbor's 12 year old.
Hey, you're right, your post proves that conservatives used this board to point out empirically sound views.
God knows that the tea party, party of the rich, can afford to create their own party. I think they should make Eileen their frontperson.
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