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A False Sense of Security

RGR24 Wrote: Dec 17, 2012 9:25 PM
OK, you have a point. I looked at it, read most of it, and in essence I agree since I am also for gun control. He is right, gun control is about respect for human life.

This morning, when I took my children to school, there was a guard at the gate for the first time.  Obviously, the school intended it as a thoughtful gesture for anxious mothers.

But that's the point.  Most of the "solutions" being touted offer only a false sense of security.  To that point, Ron Fournier had a compelling piece in today's National Journal, titled "What If Nothing or Nobody is to Blame for Adam Lanza?"  Fournier writes:

What if there is nothing or nobody to blame? Would that make this inexplicable horror unbearable?

What if we didn't rush to judgement?...