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Scraping the Rust Off the Iron Curtain

rgivan Wrote: Mar 07, 2014 8:47 AM
Moici's analysis of Russo-Western relations is the best I have yet seen.
Germany under Merkel is not a dependable ally. She hems and haws and opposes any proposals to resist Russian aggression (not to mention sanctions against Iran). McCain has a good memory; Shedlock does not. Dubya planned and had made preparations to install ABMs in the Czech Republic and Poland. Of course, our current all-wise leader cancelled that plan in favor of resetting U.S.-Russian relations. Holding food stamp spending at 2013 levels would pay for those missile batteries in the Czech Republic. It would be a credible response to dictator Putin.
Putin does have the capacity and desire to re-build the old Soviet Empire and will do it unless the U.S. blocks him. C0old War redux. And, Dan, if you think that would not damage America’s national security maybe you ought to stick to economic issues.
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Egypt, Syria, and Now it’s Ukraine

rgivan Wrote: Mar 04, 2014 9:54 AM
Russia without Ukraine is a country, with Ukraine it is an empire. The U.S. has a vital interest in preventing the reconstruction of the Russian Empire/Soviet Union. It would be a constant and powerful threat to Europe and the Western Hemisphere. It ight even threaten China since Russia and China are not natural allies. The current arrangement between the two is simply a convenience against the U S. What to do about the Ukraine? First of all, stop yammering that we will NOT intervene militarily and start shipping arms to Ukraine. Military advisers might not be a bad idea. Economic sanctions by all means to include expelling Russia from the G-8 and prohibition on the export of advanced technology and extension of credit. Preventing Russia from grabbing Ukraine is vital to the defense of Europe.
The Ukrainian government's response to the protesters can hardly be considered restrained with dozens or possibly more than 100 fatalities on Tuesday and Wednesday. It is clear that Ukraine will descend into a civil war. Will Ukraine's army remain loyal to the Russian stooge occupying the presidency? Will Russia intervene? How will Poland and Germany respond? The whole situation is quite dangerous for European peace. How could a Russian be elected president of Ukraine? Quite simple. Stalin drew the boundaries of the Union Republics and he included previously Russian provinces in Soviet Ukraine. Situation not rectified when the old USSR collapsed.
The only realistic solution is partition. The east joining Russia; the west retaining the name Ukraine.
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Will Mobocracy Triumph in Ukraine?

rgivan Wrote: Feb 04, 2014 9:52 AM
It seems to me that the best resolution of the Ukrainian crisis would be for the Russian-speaking provinces (the area that was called New Russia under the Czars) to secede and unite with Russia. The rest of the country would then have a clear Ukrainian-speaking majority.
Ho is it that no one is commenting on Root's proposal for no re-election for Congress. A really fine idea, but no cure-all. Mexico has had such a rule in its constitution for going on one hundred years. It too suffers from progressivism..
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Looking for a Different Sort of President

rgivan Wrote: Nov 07, 2013 10:32 AM
What would do a lot of good: no re-elections for Presidents, Senators or Representatives. Six year terms for Presidents and Senators and four years for Representatives. No free health-care, no pensions and life-time bar for lobbying. AND no life-time Secret Service protections for former Presidents. Six years ought to be enough.
What B.S. The coup leaders saved Egypt from an Islamist dictatorship.
The solution to the problem is reduce the size and functions of government. Not likely, but the only realistic way of solving the problem.
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