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Nobody claimed that oral sex didn't exist before Clinton. What the contention was that it was always considered as part of a sexual progression. You were either introduced to oral sex as a prelude to intercourse or that oral sex was a little more personal than intercourse and you progressed to that level. After Clinton's comments both of those attitudes went out the window with young people and oral sex began being treated as no more than holding hands or what used to be called petting. The liberal media pushed the idea to shelter Clinton and then pop culture picked it up and it took off.
In a lot of the discussions I've heard on this the stat is mentioned of the small number of people who actually work at the minimum wage of $7.25 that would be effected by this. What I haven't heard is any discussion of the number of people currently being paid a rate between $7.25 and $10.10. No one mentions the cost to the business of raising the rates of all of these workers too. Additionally, do you just raise them to the $10.10 rate or raise them proportionally, thus a current employee making, say $9.00 an hour could expect to be raised to $11.85. This could theoretically affect everybody on the payroll. I've seen firsthand how this dilemma has negatively affected morale at a resort I worked at. When the minimum wage was increased by a decent amount the resort did not raise other rates proportionally and workers, mostly housekeepers, who had been there for some time were suddenly working for minimum wage, the same as somebody just coming in off the street.
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rgardner27 Wrote: Oct 16, 2013 4:50 PM
The idea always sounds good as retribution for their softness, but what in fact would you have? The answer is certainly not a replacement party as large as the current party. You would have two factions competing against the Democrats rather than one. If, and right now it's a big if, we can take the Senate and repeal Obamacare, maybe they've listened to what could have been done and pass the couple of needed reforms rather than the one size fits nobody ACA. To do that the Conservative faction needs to push McCain and the establishment to the side, not split off.
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