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The Redskins Rule

RG_THP_Website Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 8:24 AM
If you are 55 or older and Barack Obama is re-elected - YOU had best get your will in order and Funeral arrangements made! The ObamaCare 'Death Panel (IPAB), will make certain you receive NO medical treatments if YOU are seriously Ill or seriously injured. YOU then will be treated as a life NOT worth living or treating. This is a 'MUST SEE' about the ObamaCare Death panel (IPAB)
UPDATE: The Carolina Panthers beat the Washington Redskins 21-13. If the Redskins Rules holds, then Romney will win on Tuesday.

Just a lighthearted Sunday note if you're taking your brain off politics and watching some football: Keep an eye on the Redskins-Panthers game, as the "Redskins Rule" is that the Redskins' game success tracks closely with incumbent party success.

So if the Redskins win, historically, the incumbent party will go on to future success. In fact, in 18 presidential contests since the Redskins began play in Washington, only once has this rule not held - in 2004, when President Bush...