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Barack Obama is adept at Propaganda, Cheating, Extortion, Bribing and especially Lying. Barack Obama's 'Words' have NO value or Substance and are designed to obfuscate his Marxist Agenda and Hatred for America and any sense of decency. Barack Obama followers and supporters have been trapped by their 'Own Folly' of believing that a Pathological liar (Barack Obama) will tell them the Truth. No 'One' knows what this Malignant Narcissist will do or say next - NOT even Barack Obama himself.
The Barack Obama Methodology for 'Protecting' the United States from Terrorist Attacks. _____________________________ Grin and Bow to Radical Islamic Leaders - send them money - Blame Bush - Play Basketball. Alternate Method 1: Grin and Bow to Radical Islamic Leaders - send them money - Blame Bush - Play Golf. Alternate Method 2: Grin and Bow to Radical Islamic Leaders - send them money - Blame Bush - Go On Vacation.
Why does Obama want females working for him? Obama can pay females less money which leaves more for his vacations and golf outings. According to a report published by the Free Beacon in April, the 2011 annual report on White House staff revealed that the median annual salary for female White House employees was 18 percent less than male employees — $60,000 compared to $71,000. And in 2008, Scripps Howard syndicated columnist Deroy Murdock noted that as in Obama’s U.S. Senate office, women were paid less than men: While the average male staffer brought home $54,397, female staffers averaged $45,152.
Liberals are proud they elected Barack Obama who has this trait. SHALLOW AFFECT -- emotional poverty or a limited range or depth of feelings; interpersonal coldness in spite of signs of open gregariousness. Barack Obama Supports 'Most Heinous' Types of Abortion:Partial Birth and Late Term Abortion. In 1997, Obama voted in the Illinois Senate against SB 230, a bill designed to prevent partial-birth abortions. Obama strongly criticized the Supreme Court decision (Gonzales v. Carhart, 550 U.S. 124 (2007), a United States Supreme Court case that upheld the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003.
Liberals are proud they elected Barack Obama who has this trait. GRANDIOSE SELF-WORTH -- a grossly inflated view of one's abilities and self-worth, self-assured, opinionated, cocky, a braggart. An arrogant guy who believes he is a superior human being. Although the right wing 'Racist' thugs have criticized me for too many vacations and golf outings, I was really out in the climate assessing the damage to our weather that Bush caused. When I am re-elected History will record - I am the one the World was waiting for.
Barack Obama the Food Stamp President - the Park Service, also part of the Department of Agriculture (Obama Administration), asks us to "Please Do Not Feed Wild Animals" because the animals may grow dependent and not learn to take care of themselves. Never in American History has a President 'Liberated' so many from the bondage of work and taking care of themselves. http://thpatriots.blogspot.com/2012/11/rg-barack-obama-is-uncontested-food.html Mean while Michelle Obama parties hard with our money Michelle plays hard with our money http://thpatriots.blogspot.com/2012/10/michelles-last-four-years-lest-we-forget.html
Liberals are proud they elected Barack Obama who has this trait. POOR BEHAVIORAL CONTROLS -- expressions of irritability, annoyance, impatience, threats, aggression, and verbal abuse; inadequate control of anger and temper; acting hastily. “We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us.” President Barack Obama to Latinos, October 2010 “We talk to these folks… so I know whose *ss to kick.“ President Barack Obama June 2010 “Punish your enemies” President Barack Obama October 26, 2010
Analogous to what Homosexuals want by 'Homosexual Marriage' is for a sighted citizen to receive the same rights as someone who is blind. Homosexuals immediately respond by citing instances where a man and woman are married that are incapable of procreation, because of medical issues. Present laws do NOT require a medical exam to prove the ability of a couple to procreate before marriage which of course be a violation of privacy rights. Every American Citizen has the same right to marry someone of the opposite sex as any other American Citizen.
'Collectivists' always want to take the 'Bad Decisions' and actions of individuals and place the results of those bad actions and decisions on other American Citizens in the name of 'Sacrifice For The Common Good'. The Marriage act NEVER had anything to do with sexual preferences but rather the protection of children - which Homosexuals cannot have by definition. Homosexuals want the rights and benefits extended to those who conceive and bear children even though they are incapable of procreation. Society by law, decided to extend benefits to the blind.
Government "Marriage" started in 1753 in England and Wales and it was named the Marriage Act of 1753 or Lord Hardwicke's Marriage Act and it called for the couple to be at least 21 years old and if they weren't then they needed the consent of the parent. Before this law the couple could be as young as seven years old and get married. They also had to get married in a church or the marriage wouldn't be legal. The original Marriage Act was the result of the many orphans being abandoned and becoming a burden on society. The Marriage contract made men responsible for their children relieving society from the financial burden of raising those children and placing it where it belonged.
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