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Video: Romney Chokes Up Recalling Fallen Navy SEAL

RG_THP Wrote: Oct 09, 2012 9:02 PM
Bewildered and lost without his teleprompter, President Obama flailed all around the debate stage. He was stuttering, nervous and petulant. It was like he had been called in front of the principal after goofing around for four years and blowing off all his homework. The split screen was most devastating. Mitt Romney spoke forthrightly, with carefully studied facts and details at the ready. He looked right at the president and accused him of being miles out of his depth. Mr. Obama? His eyes were glued to his lectern, looking guilty and angry and impatient with all the vagaries of Democracy. This debate was seriously chaffing him.
Phd3 Wrote: Oct 09, 2012 9:06 PM
LoL, it's amazing what you people are willing to believe. The very fabric of reality is a Rorschach test for the average conservative.

Mitt Romney shared a remarkable story at a campaign rally in Iowa today, his voice wavering and cracking slightly as he described the tragic death of a former Navy SEAL he'd met years earlier.  The young man was from Massachusetts; he died in Benghazi during the September 11 terrorist attack against the American consulate that claimed the life of US Ambassador Chris Stevens.  Here is Mitt's stirring and moving tribute: