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The Undoing Of The Storybook Man

RG_THP Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 5:15 PM
Romney's Bain Capital invested PRIVATE MONEY in: AMC Entertainment - 1500 Theaters, 18,550 Employees. Burger King - 8432 stores in the United States with 10's of thousands of Employees. Burlington Coat Factory - 475 stores, 28,729 Employees. Clear Channel Communications - 20,000 Employees. Domino's Pizza - 10,000 Employees. Dunkin' Donuts 10,000 stores, thousands of Employees. Guitar Center - 225 stores, hundreds of Employees. The Sports Authority - 14,300 Employees. Staples - 1575 stores and thousands of employees. Toys "R" Us - Toys 'R' Us has 836 stores with thousands of employees. Warner Music Group - 3,700 Employees.
RG_THP Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 5:16 PM
Obama invested TAXPAYER MONEY in:

Solyndra - BANKRUPT
Beacon Power - BANKRUPT
Abound Solar - BANKRUPT
Amonix Solar - BANKRUPT
Spectra Watt - BANKRUPT
Eastern Energy - BANKRUPT
GM Volt - Solyndra on wheels - $49,000 cost to taxpayers for each one sold.

$900 Billion Dollars with NO Jobs.
NOTE: All of these companies were Obama campaign contributors.

The Choice is CLEAR...Do you want a BUSINESSMAN who has GENERATED BILLIONS or A President who has WASTED TRILLIONS?

It was the Puss in Boots eyes.

If you've seen the "Shrek" movies or the spin-off cartoon starring the storybook cat voiced by Antonio Banderas, you know what I'm talking about. Whenever Puss in Boots really needs something from someone, he flashes these enormous kitten eyes that melt anyone in their path. Whenever my daughter really wants something, she tries to lay them on me, and I have to say, "Stop trying to give me the Puss in Boots eyes ... you can't have chocolate cake for dinner."

I knew Barack Obama was miserable...