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Texas Billboard: “The SEALs Removed One Threat to America, Remove the Other in November”

RG_THP Wrote: Aug 24, 2012 12:06 AM
Obama's TSA Team-13 were groping Men, Women and Children's crotches randomly throughout the crowd and especially Women's Breasts. The Obama 'Fainting Team' began fainting all over the NYC crowd and the Obama 'Water Team' sprang into action supplying water to the 'Obama Fainters'. Obama supporters began having 'Leg Thrills' and 'Involuntary Orgasms' and the 'Obama Wiping Team' began wiping all who needed wiping. Obama followers began singing 'Praise be Obama' and others began shouting "God Damn America" in honor of Obama's 'Mentor' Jeremiah Wright. Chanters were 'Chanting', Fainters were 'Fainting', Wipers were 'Wiping' and TSA'ers were 'Groping' what a Glorious day in NYC.

Texas Resident TJ Schad isn’t running for office and he’s not acting on behalf of a candidate or political organization. All he really wanted to do with the billboard he put up was “make a statement.” Mission accomplished: