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Oh my: AFL-CIO Pulling Campaign Funds from Obama Re-Elect?

RG_From_THP_1 Wrote: Jun 13, 2012 6:33 PM
Did you know that Mitt Romney could win the popular vote in the 2012 Presidential election and Barack Obama could still win a second term? Did you know 11 States could decide each and every Presidential election, without counting one vote from the other 39 States? Did you know this is how our Founding Fathers wanted the President elected? Do YOU understand how the Electoral College works?
Horribilus Wrote: Jun 13, 2012 6:41 PM
Do you know a giant asteroid could crash into the earth and kill us all?
king10 - exposing leftism Wrote: Jun 13, 2012 7:15 PM
Any chance it's got your coordinates?

Remember what we wrote about Obama's fracturing coalition this morning?  More trouble in paradise:

The AFL-CIO has told Washington Whispers it will redeploy funds away from political candidates smack dab in the middle of election season, the latest sign that the largest federation of unions in the country could be becoming increasingly disillusioned with President Obama. The federation says the shift has been in the works for months, and had nothing to do with the president's failure to show in Wisconsin last week, where labor unions led a failed recall election of Governor Scott...