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Unholy Trio: Gun Control, the UN and Obama

rficara Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 11:07 AM
The U.N. is NOT an organization of the "peoples of the world". It IS a club of governments where every two bit tin horn El Presidente or Commandante or African "colonel" sits equal with the British PM or the American POTUS. That is ridiculous. They are mostly thug tyrant dictatorships and thug parliaments engaged in kleptocracy. They want unarmed sheep to shear and the idea of a FREE nation with individual gun rights is scary to them. Their sheep might try to rise up and have the same. Ray from Bloombergia NRA Life Soli Deo Gloria!!

Welcome to President Obama's second term, America - that special place where ridiculousness replaces raison d'etre, and presidents give us things like gun control a' la United Nations.

Obviously, Obama understood he would never get the support needed for a gun control bill from Congress, so the astute Constitutional professor chose to skirt around the Constitution by signing on to the United Nations (UN) Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) shortly after his re-election. Liberals certainly know how to get what they want, ethics aside. Remember in 2010, when former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi described how liberals would circumvent the electorate...