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The Hazemi (Hashemite Arabs) have been playing a dangerous game for 60 years. THEY live high on the goat while most of their people live in squalor and also they travel to Spain many times a year where they take over huge hotels. Then you see a line of thoroghbred imported German, Scandinavian and Dutch blonk call girls waiting for "assignment" inside and pallets of booze being brought up to the rooms for the "princes". There are about 5 THOUSAND members of the House of Saud alone with the rank of "prince". To avoid waking with their throats cut by fundamentalists they've been funding jihad. Ray
Uppeth THINE!!!! Ray
Let's see. Screen OUT any grads of the Eddie Eagle Gun Safe Program. Load up the backpacks with toys and candies and act "shocked" when the kids touch the guns. Remember the NBC pickup truck scam? They tried to prove that the saddle tanks would explode on impact but it never worked so they tied model rocket engines to the tanks and set them off by remote. They got cold busted. ABC in the early Nineties tried to "prove" that Food Lion (not a union shop) was serving tainted food. . So the got some internes hired to work there who held back expired food and salted it into the mix. Then there was Baba Wawa in the Seventies going after Hublein liquors. They used to make "Hereford's Cows" creamy cocktials flavored in chocolate vanilla and strawberry. SHE found a few kids under 18 to sip it on camera and proclaim that they'd drink it if they could. The kids ADMITTED that they drank regularly but the point was made that this was "made to get kids drinking" as if no kids ever found a bottle of booze and drank themselves sick before. Ray
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Connecticut Gun Company Turns to Texas

rficara Wrote: Jul 14, 2014 12:10 PM
The NYS and CT governors are BRAGGING that they drove these businesses out! The media are CHEERING. CuHOMO is only the "governor" if NYC (except Staten Island) Westchester, Rockland and Nassau Counties. Just like Quinn is only the "governor" of 3 counties including Crook County. Ray from Bloombergia
President Kardashian and "gov" Flickenboogers, PERFECT together. Ray
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The Alien Patriot

rficara Wrote: Jul 08, 2014 12:16 PM
Most LEGAL immigrants from abroad are MORE American in their outlook than the average native-born American. Especially those from Eastern Europe. Ray
This is a move against Posse Commitatus and to create O'Vomit's "domestic army". Ray from Bloombergia
This is like what they did in D.C. It's called "vicious compliance". Ray
"We're not anti-gun but we just want 'a few reasonable restrictions' on their ownership and use". FEH!!!! Ray from Bloombergia
Remember sheeple! Censorship can "only come from the Right" and we are all on YOUR side. Losers. Ray
Between him and Shannon Twotts they haven't met an anti-gun lie they didn't love. Ray from Bloombergia NRA Life
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