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Callaway, a Georgian Visionary

rficara Wrote: Mar 20, 2014 12:09 PM
When you go to the Gardens visit the butterfly garden Ray from Bloombergia
WRONG, Ann!!!! McConnell just went to the NY Slimes Sunday and promised to "crush" the TEA Party and other conservatives. Ray
Buh, but , BUT they have total civilian disarmament! HOW can this happen? Shannon Watts wants to know. Ray from Bloombergia NRA Life Soli Deo Gloria!!
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Stormtroopers, a Wookiee and CPAC

rficara Wrote: Mar 11, 2014 12:13 PM
The wookie was there to rep for the libertarians. Ray from Bloombergia
ANOTHER RINO to be run out of office. Ray from Bloombergia
Just keep on rattling that cage and praying the lock holds. Ray from Bloombergia
This BEYOTCH (Sandra White Elk Korn) has either been drinking too much fire water or packing too much loco weed in her calumet. Ray from Bloombergia
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Gun Entrepreneur Dick Cabela Is A Hero

rficara Wrote: Feb 24, 2014 12:10 PM
I learned the hard way about NOT carrying credit cards into a Cabela's. STILL paying that one off. FUN store though. Ray from Bloombergia
Still doing the happy dance. THIS is the basis for the exec, court and lawmaking branches in Jersey CONSPIRING to eliminate the 2nd Amendment in the Garden State. I may almost (ALMOST) think of moving there as they have no Sullivan Law. Ray NRA LIfe
The face lifts have so stressed her skull the last brain cells are dying. Ray from Bloombergia
Goodbye socialist POS. Ray from Bloombergia
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