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How to Get Away With Sleazy Sex Scenes

rficara Wrote: Nov 14, 2014 12:17 PM
This is a VERY far cry from Laugh-In or Benny Hill. Both ran on double entendre and innuendo but never as ham-handed as the Nets are now. Ray
SUCK IT GLOOMTURD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ray from Bloombergia NRA Life
NOTHING NEW. This is exactly what Mark Levin has been talking about since 2006
Mega-dittoes!!!!! Ray
Shannon T(Watts) would soil herself along with Rosie O'Donut and most of Hollywood. Ray from Bloombergia
She's vying with Shannon for Twott of the Year. Ray
Libtards equate feelings with facts. Thus if your FACTS upset their feelings YOU are supposed to "change" your facts to salve their "superior" sensibilities. Ray
After FIFTY years of brainwashing how can you have any hope left? ANY black or other minority or female who steps up and speaks out on fundamentel conservative/Constitutional issues gets the "long knife treatment" from the media. Ray
Didn't they get the media memo about all Republicans being bigots and sexists? I guess not because she had a LOT of support last I looked. Ray
Aloha SNACKbar!!! Go Nate!!!!
This is the translation from Poli-Speech into English when they say "We support the 2nd Amendment (HA!!) but we just favor a few "reasonable safety regulations" (that effectively shut down the RKBA).
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