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HOW long before Rancid Puss Face, Karl Rove, Hailey Barbour and Donahue from the Chamber of Crony capitalism conspire to unfund Brat and talk up his Dem challenger? I give it a week. Ray from Bloombergia
MORE to the point they were NEVER "10-14% of the population". THAT bulldonky came from the highly discredited Kinsey Study carried out in a British MENS PRISON. Talk about skewed data!!! Kinsey was a DANGEROUSLY predatory homosexual pedophile with a sham wife. Ray from Bloombergia.
This is a two fer. First you have the WOD and now the Rise Of The Warrior Cop. Lt. Harry Thomas WAS right, Ray from Bloombergia
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Rahm Emanuel Hates the Truth About Guns

rficara Wrote: Jun 02, 2014 12:24 PM
IF it were true then pray tell WHY the thugs IN those other states aren't committing the same crimes at the same RATES? Nature abhors a vacuum and when thugs see a gun-free state or town they are drawn like flies to manure. Ray from Bloombergia NRA Life
Another SMALL but significant factor in the development of these soulless killers is the "every body wins and gets a participation trophy" mentality. Ray from Bloombergia
I'll BET this is burning Shannon Twatts' butt !!! Ray
THIS is the guy that Rove and Priebus want to fund. Ray
BloomTURD's "vast" renta-mob looks like the ones Sharpton used to rally with free cigs, booze and weed. Ray from Bloombergia
King Andrew and Emperor Mike are seething. Ray from Bloombergia NRA Life
Giuliani HUMPED us on gun rights worse than Bloomturd. We USED to have a "target/premises" permit. THAT allowed you to carry a gun CONCEALED and LOADED to and from any range even on public transit. This was actually to protect the GUN and help keep it out of criminal hands. Some staffer pointed it out to him and he got the SCHITTI Council to make the NYPD rewrite the permit so that you CAN'T take it anywhere but to a nearby range unloaded and locked up in a dead giveaway steel case that is thug bait. Ray from Bloombergia NRA Life
Hey King Andrew! WHAT part of UP YOURS do you not understand? Ray from Bloombergia NRA Life Soli Deo Gloria.
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