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5 Myths Liberals Have Created About Themselves (Part 2)

rficara Wrote: Dec 14, 2012 12:19 PM
One of the very worst poseurs in Warren Buffet. He pays himself a salary of $100k/yr and his secretary twice that. That's why she pays a higher rate. In fact he's spent the last few years fighting a tax bill on $1bilion in dividends which is were his real money comes from. However, by claiming "I should pay more" while NOT paying more he inoculates himself from criticism for his own wealth. He's a cynical appeaser praying that when the govt. runs out of cash and the peasants with pitchforks arrive he will be last to be dragged out and led to the Progressive Guillotine. Ray from Bloombergia

Greek mythology, with its tales of Zeus, Apollo and Hera doesn't have a thing on the mythology that liberals have created around themselves. There's Bubba, the President who can feel your pain, BO the leader who has the ability to never be blamed for anything and, of course, the wronged woman Fluke who the gods granted free birth control for the rest of her life for not being allowed to speak to a committee...or something. Still, as you're about to see, the real face of liberalism looks a lot more like Medusa than Aphrodite.

1) Liberals are pro-capitalism: Many liberals...