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Emanuel: Teacher Strike is a Hazard to Safety and Health of Children

Reyne Wrote: Sep 17, 2012 4:14 PM
Because they NEVER READ AT HOME -- and don't intend to. And why should they? The welfare checks are direct deposited, most of them are 4th generation welfare and have never seen a man support his family. When they're illiterate coming into hgh school, they are not going to make much progress unless they practice at home,but they're too busy breeding, playing games, drugging and partying.

As Kevin wrote yesterday, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is turning to the court system in order to end the ongoing Chicago Teacher's Union strike. More than 350,000 students have missed school for over a week now, something Emanuel is calling a hazard to their health and safety.

Emanuel said the strike was illegal because it endangers the health and safety of students and concerned issues - evaluations, layoffs and recall rights - that state law says cannot be grounds for a work stoppage.

"This was a strike of choice and is now a...