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Dale Carnegie, Where Are You?

elrexbo Wrote: Nov 11, 2012 10:37 PM
Blinder, There you go again, you old fool. Same old, same old. You must have a one track mind. You sure are a bore.
Bind-up, You're off point on this article as you are on all the others to which you sent the same drivel. Why don't you shut up and go to bed. You have nothing of substance to say.
From my experience the VA Hospital in Amarillo, Texas is a very fine and efficient oppration. It provides excellent health care for needy veterans, young and old. Certainly our returning service personel from the Middle East have need for veteran's hospitals and any talk of discontinuing them is indeed foolish.
You're right, Akennas. At least she named herself appropriately--"Repugnant" Middle name should be cockroach.
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