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The democratic party has decided to change their name to , the freedom from being offended party. Latest edict, redskin potatoes must now be called potatoes with red skins, lest some small minority of american Indians take offence.
If you look at the video of the interview you see how Republicans, too often, get caught flat footed on the question of do you believe in climate change. Here is how he should have answered: Of course I believe in climate change. Any idiot knows the climate changes all the time, and we don't even need a scientific study to convince us. Are you really trying to ask me if I believe in climate change or man-made global warming that is being pushed by some money grubbing scientists, politicians, and left wing members of the press like yourself?
If you are one of the millions of people now paying more for your health insurance since the Affordable Care Act went into effect, please contact her because she doesn't believe you exist. http://www.debbiewassermanschultz.com/contact/
It is bad enough when this 'I am offended' complaints actually gets civilian officials to lose their spines, but when this automatic kowtowing to minority opinion happens in the military than the woosification is almost complete.
This is a great chance for the rest of the country to see the effects of raising the minimum wage. Starting today and going through Jan of 2018 there should be a montly study of employment for low income workers and economic growth in Connecticut
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Yet Another Pre-School Program?

rex jonas Wrote: Mar 29, 2014 1:43 PM
I always thought Kindergarten was pre-school. The federal government is pushing pre-pre-school as a form of daycare to hook Americans on yet another 'free' government program.
If they had been smart they should have left abortion out of the bill entirely. The bill simply should have said, 'At approximately 12 wks of gestation, once the fetal heartbeat begins, the fetus shall be considered a living human being due all the protections of a living child in the state of Arkansas'. Then they notify all abortion providers that they are required to perform a sonogram before any abortion, and if an abortion is performed on a fetus that clearly shows a fetal heartbeat they will be prosecuted for murder.
All an illegal now has to do to get through the border and get away is to throw stones at the border agents. Agents have now been told they should seek cover or distancing themselves from the immediate area of danger.
I would hope the insurance company's come out and say they will abide by the law, and not follow some new regulation that attempts to change the law w/o Congressional approval.
It was obvious after the first few minutes that Lois Lerner was not going to answer anyone's questions. When Rep Issa adjourned the committee hearing because he recognized it was a waste of time to continue to ask her questions Rep. Slaughter went into his rant. He was not upset he was not going to be able to ask Lois Lerner some questions. He was upset that he was not going to be able to bloviate about the whole IRS investigation having no merit and declaring it just a witch-hunt of the Obama administration.
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