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...he's in the early stages of honesty.
Obama is far more racist than any white person in this country. His bedrock philosophy is built on racism, it's what drives him, it explains most of his actions. You want to talk racism, look no further than the black racist who is pretending to be president.
Obama is a liar from the beginning, and anyone who disagrees is blind to the facts...or in the Obama reelection camp. Obama should be in jail, not pretending to be president; he should be run out of the country, not spending taxpayer money and time doing fulltime campaigning. What a worthless president. Who in the world elected this guy?
Reid has been bought and paid for, someone else is calling the shots for him; but then, it's always been that way for him. He's the wimp of wimps, as long as someone makes him rich (which they have) and powerful (which they have), then to hell with America, Nevada, the voters, individual liberty...
Biden is a disgrace as a vice president and an embarrassment to America. It's telling that Obama picks a guy like Biden to be his VP. Thank the Lord we only have about 90 more days of this clown and his lying boss.
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Our Liar President

Rex8 Wrote: Oct 27, 2012 7:44 AM
Peter, good for you for telling the truth. I have been saying for five years that Obama is a Marxist, but nobody in the media, the press, the news organizations is ever willing to use that term, yet, it is the only term that accurately describes him. Obama is not your typical Democrat who pursues socialist aims, he is a Marxist who wants to destroy capitalism in this country, he wants America to be a communist country with total government control--and we elected this guy? This explains his complete disdain of the U.S. Constitution, and his ignoring of congress, the courts, the law and anything else that presumes to restrict or limit his power; Obama is a wannabe dictator. Who endorsed him this week? Fidel Castro, Chavez of Venezuela, and P
I've got news for the readers here: This election will not be close, Romney will win in a landslide. And I have other news, there are no undecided voters, none! This "undecided" notion is built up by the press, the networks and the presidential debate folks to pretend they all have some significant role in the election of the next president. The debates are meaningless and sway no one. Romney was already surging prior to the first debate. The debate moderators are all leftist Obama supporters, how is that fair? They ask questions that favor Obama and do not require him to account for his actions the past four years. The election is over, it's done, the results only have to be tallied. Romney knew this before the third debate.
True, how can you advocate concepts like affirmative action, and not be racist? Anytime one race is given preference over another, it's racism. And blacks spew out a thousand times more hatred towards whites than whites ever do about blacks. It's lame, very lame.
Yes this is pretty silly stuff, and Mathews is a liberal hack and totally predictable. But even if he were correct, that Romney supporters are filled with racial hatred; what is the point? Obama already has the minority vote locked up, so spewing this kind of nonsense does nothing for Obama. Now if Mathews were smart enough to say, "Romney supporters hate business and the rich," now that might get Obama some votes (though I doubt it). But race? what a waste of air time.
But because things will get so bad next year, Obamacare, tax increases, a new recession, higher unemployment, the little Marxist would impose martial law, suspend elections and do a host of other Marxist things that would make Karl Marx so proud. No, he cannot be reelected, he is already leading by fiat, he has completely ignored congress for two years, he breaks the law, he lies, he does whatever he pleases.
There is a good reason for this. Obama is a Marxist, yes he truly is, and he has an agenda, an aggressive, expansive agenda. But if he put out his true (Marxist) agenda, the country, even Democrats would freak out and he'd be done for. Wake up people, he is not what he pretends, and if he is reelected, and not having to satisfy any voters again, he will spill the beans of his "new" Marxist agenda, more government, more control, more taxes---and most likely more partying by he and Michelle. But the American voter is not stupid, anybody looking for the truth knows what I have just said is true--the rest don't want to know, don't care, or are Marxists themselves.
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