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the Headline should read "two-thirds of Americans do NOT want Obama impeached" enough already. just put the charges on the table, or better yet, put your energies to working together in the best interests of american voters, rather than suing each other
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More Bad News for Gun Grabbers

revrend23 Wrote: Nov 28, 2013 7:34 PM
I believe Hudak is representing the will of the majority it's a shame the vocal minority has forced this ridiculous situation Guns kill. Guns cost us all. 10,000 deaths due to gun violence per year Imagine a country with less gun violence ... reducing the load on police, EMTs, hospitals, insurance reducing the load on courts, public defenders, prisons, parole systems what _exactly_ is keeping us from this better place??
and the alternative is what ... big Insurance? they cannot cut your taxes. but they can raise your premiums, deny your treatments, deny your coverage. and big-insurance is profit and loss motivated (raise prices, reduce expenses). what is the better alternative?
Americans need affordable health care You are aware that americans, per capita, today PAY MORE THAN DOUBLE for health care than Japan, UK, Australia ... so, if ACA is so bad, what exactly is the alternative? our current big-insurance system is bloated, broken, expensive and getting more expensive. I believe we need ACA, and I believe we can improve ACA along the way.
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