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What is this free stuff that you are saying African Americans get???
Patrice to be treated like a human being and not a token or second class citizens is not a goodie. Who is depending on whites? You are so detached from reality. Again the reason why the Republican party has lost its relevance.
What? That is the problem. Your comments are the Republican party lost the election.
When I am filling out paper work for a loan there is no Body of Christ option. On my birth certificate there was no Body of Christ option. From your white privilege you can make that comment. I am identified by race and so are you.
There is black and white and we must deal with that.
Opinyon those opinions of yours are just that.
It just so happenened that the better candidate in 2008 and 2012 was biracial.
How many did not vote for Obama because he was black? How come this question is never asked out loud? How come if I a black man ask that question I am accused of being racist and yet it simply okay for others to accuse black people of all voting for Obama because he was black. Obama received at least 75 percent of the Latino vote, heck the America people chose Obama so will this be your next letter?
55 percent of women voted for Obama. Will we see a letter to hs female friends?
Wow, Dr. Brown manages to disturb again. He like many in the White evangelical crowd failed to realize that at the end of the day a people who have constantly been ignored by the republican party and constant targets of this party (blah people, they want handouts, etc), would not forget this historical bigotry. NOM and Dr. Brown have learned that wedge of homophobia is not bigger than the wedge of racial bigotry and oppression. Who are thes black evangelical friends?
Did I say God can't change? No sir. If this was about God changing people from gay to straight, then why the Ex-Gay industry? Why NARTH? Sexual orientation is not changed, God made it that way.
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