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Dr. Brown you left out the context of Chai Feldblum's comment as well as the source. Information without context is propaganda. The way you placed her comment made it seem as though she is callous about religious freedoms and she is not, especially if you view her words in context. Based on research I found the context of her comment and her extensive work on this issue. For example, she wrote a 60 something page report on this subject in which she stated, No one can claim that the court order prohibits you from "being religious." The court has explained that you may continue to hold whatever beliefs you want about sexual practices. You simply may not impose your beliefs on others. However, you feel it is foolish to imagine that your beliefs and identity as a religious person can be disaggregated from your conduct. Your religious belief-your belief liberty interest, as I hope to explain below-is necessarily curtailed by the existence of a law that prohibits you from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or marital status. We tend not to think of these conflict situations in the language of conflicting liberties, and certainly not in the language of liberties that have something in common, even as they conflict. Those who advocate for laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation tend to talk imply about "equality." Those who seek to stop such laws from coming into existence, or who seek religious exemptions from these laws, tend to talk about "morality" and/or "religious freedom." These groups tend to talk past each other, rather than with each other. My goal in this piece is to surface some of the commonalities between religious belief liberty and sexual orientation identity liberty and to offer some public policy suggestions for what to do when these liberties conflict." You can find the report here: Moral Conflict and Liberty: Gay Rights and Religion Author: Chai R. Feldblum Publication: Georgetown Law Faculty Publications and Other Works Date: 01/2006 http://scholarship.law.georget...
What? So you are saying that those in poverty are there based on their own doings?
What???? That is speaking on jealousy and greed. The Bible commanded that followers of God give to the poor. It is all throughout the old testament. I think you are revisioning the Bible to fit your politics.
Free?? Don't think so. Did Obama put that into action? Lyndon B Johnson did!!!
But African Americans only make up 12 percent of the total population of the US!! And what is this special treatment you are talking about?
Palm to head!!!
Andy we share similar paths without the retirement piece and I will tell you this, you do have white privilege. If you are white person in America you have privilege. Please study the concept.
What is this free stuff that you are saying African Americans get???
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