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Obama: Biden Gay Marriage Comments Had Nothing to Do With My Announcement

Reva3 Wrote: May 10, 2012 3:00 PM
Unless you're a scientist who has done some recent research, you have no proof whatsoever about any harm to children from same-sex marriages. It's very new and so far hasn't been proven to cause problems for kids. What has been proven, however, is that many of the children these couples adopt are those who otherwise would fall into the foster care system, and that indeed does cause problems for them.

As you probably know by now, President Obama has admitted he supports same sex marriage. Obama's admission came yesterday after his Vice President Joe Biden, spilled the beans over the weekend about where the administration stands on the issue. Now, Obama is trying to claim he was going to "come out in support" of gay marriage eventually before the election anyway, despite Biden upstaging him over the weekend.

President Barack Obama says he'd already decided to come out for gay marriage before Vice President Joe Biden publicly endorsed it.

Obama tells ABC in...