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Do you fancy yourself as a rational, intelligent adult? Don't flatter yourself.
I don't care if you're scared or not. What a child.
Same reasons why Liberals lost the Presidential election to Romney in a landslide.
Hahahaha There was no such group called "United Slaves". They called themselves the US Organization. The Black Panthers called the group the United Slaves. They never took on that name themselves. Once again, misinformation taken as fact.
Bush threw hundreds of thousands to their deaths for his political benefit - which is worse? Oh, wait...Bush never existed, did he? Must be some sort of libbie fantasy.
You obviously have a comprehension problem. He said "fewer" can make up whatever you choose to fit your attitudes about Obama if you must, but facts are the facts.
Have a problem with kinky hair? Hahaha But you aren't a racist, right?
While what happened in Benghazi was horrible, nothing in American history can match the negligence displayed by the Bush gang in the spring and summer of 2011. We're still paying for that...
What a child. You sound like a nine year-old. You can't prove a damned thing you post. If you used more than, Fox, and Limbaugh, you'd know what the rest of the world knows. You people who live in these echo chambers are a joke - and you don't even know you are.
FaF investigated by the DoJ IG and reported on. Done. So, if you claim Obama is hiding stuff, prove it or shut up. You have absolutely no argument. Nothing more than the parrot on someone's shoulder.
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