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Since Barry and the dolt lied about "You can keep your health plan, if you like it! PERIOD! "If you like your doctor, you can keep him! PERIOD! Are these lies grounds for fraud? Perhaps an energetic conservative attorney should look into this and bring a lawsuit.
One way to rid the nation of this train wreck is to vote the demoRATS out of office!
I think the Park Service has demonstrated a level of incompetence that is rivaled only by our sweet Presy, Barry! Some states have taken to opening up national parks, so surrounding communities don't go bankrupt, once again demonstrating that the Park Service is "non-essential." The ugliness of closing the WW II Monument mirrors the ugliness that is Harry Reid and the Park Service.
You realize, of course, that she tipped her head to the left and all her brains trickled out!
I see the Queen of Silly is back at it.
One glitch after the other and yet, Barry still wants this train wreck to go into effect! Why? Harry the Reptile Reid already declared the reason, single payer govmint healthcare! That way this country will have the same quality???? healthcare enjoyed by Europe and Canada, but not Harry & Princess Botox! It must be mandatory that the demoRATS in the House & the Senate should forced into obamacare like the rest of us!
Marvelous!!!! Isn't our sweet Barry just so smart!!!! And this brilliant, AFFORDABLE plan will save not only money but provide QUALITY healthcare! Thank so much Princess Botox (Pelosi), Harry the Reptile (apologies to all reptiles) Reid, and our sweet Barry!
Amazing the level of stupidity exhibited by this small-minded group.
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