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She sort of fell short this time!
Poor Susie just can't quite fathom how we react to her stupidity! I do believe our sweet Barry will soon throw her under the bus.
No there are already 2 plans proposed: Price in the House and Barasso/Coburn in the Senate.
I am 66 years old and I really, really, really need prostate cancer screenings! I have an 88 year old friend and SHE really, really, really needs pre-natal care! How many have signed on and paid their premiums for Obamacare? 5.4 million have LOST their health insurance because they weren't, apparently, bright enough to select the "superior" obamacare package!
Yes, please do, clarity at all times.
Did our sweet Barry actually answer Chris tingles question???? Lots of babble but really no answer!!!! Boy what an orator our sweet Barry is, so smart, so talented, so HONEST!!!
No actually sweet Sandy is just looking for a RICH man to come along and rescue her from the drudgery of work! She can then "volunteer" to help the "poor" and the "downtrodden" from her Mercedes because she is so much smarter than the common "folk!"
This is Barry trying to divert attention from his abject failure as a leader and as President. His signature legislation, Obamacare, is going down in flames. He colluded with Harry Reid to change the nature of the Senate forever, and now, Iran is going nuclear! Expect a bomb to be dropped in the Middle East and Barry will stand by ringing his hands and proclaim, "I WILL lead from behind!" What an absolute joke he is!
Since Barry and the dolt lied about "You can keep your health plan, if you like it! PERIOD! "If you like your doctor, you can keep him! PERIOD! Are these lies grounds for fraud? Perhaps an energetic conservative attorney should look into this and bring a lawsuit.
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