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I would also recommend her non-fiction works: "Capitalism, the Unknown Ideal", and "The Virtue of Selfishness",
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Go Hyphenate Yourself

RetiredInArgentina Wrote: Dec 11, 2014 8:44 AM
The headline is misleading: hyphenate means to use the "hyphen" punctuation character. This whole article discusses the Millenials' use of the "forward slash". I could describe myself, using hyphens, as an: engineer-economist-manager-consultant-yacht captain-retiree-hostel builder/manager. Life has been an interesting adventure, thru many careers and international cultural explorations... I wonder if most of the Millenials will ever get their noses far enough from the LCD of an electronic device to experience the real world.
You are right, of course, Charles. But you seem to be tap-dancing around the heart of the problem: the totality of the sub-culture of the poor. The destructive influences of rap (I can't find any reason to call it 'music'), the drug war that provides many with an 'easy' income as salesmen, the plethora of government hand-outs that disincent wealth-creatiing endeavors, etc. It's definitely not race-based, although many in the USA use racism/discrimination as an excuse. Here in rural NE Argentina, where the population is overwhelmingly of European stock, the same effects of the Socialist government could be used as a flash-forward vision of where Obama and supporters are hell-bent on taking the USA. And the picture is not a pretty one. How do you change a self-destructive culture?
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Foreign Policy without Cronies

RetiredInArgentina Wrote: Nov 26, 2014 5:09 AM
Your use of the term "neglect" requires the willful suspension of disbelief by the reader. Or, the assumption that the reader has been in a coma for the past six years. The Obama foreign policy has, from the start, been one of deliberate implementation of his pastor's (remember Rev. Wright) G-- damn the USA.
sorry, that's "...NO-confidence."
There's a lot tolike about the Parliamentary system in the UK. If only the Congress could get Obama on the hot-seat weekly to respond to pointed questions... or to face a vote of "on-confidence", requiring a new national election, so we would not be stuck with a law-breaking emperor until his term expires. One can only "hope for change".
Then why bother to comment?
Having lived about 10% of my 72-years in various Latin American countries, it seems to me that trying to separate governmental factors from cultural factors affecting economic development, is not too valid. Government (monetary, fiscal, legislative, regulatory, and welfare structures) is an integral part of "culture." And, big government is the dominant factor in socialist countires. Here, in far NE Argentina, the disincentives of the welfare system are overwhelming.
Why is there no mention of the Mayor's political party?? I don't care, D or R or I, but good reporting requires that information. That it is omitted indicates bias (or incompetence) on the part of the reporter.
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