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This is just one needed tiny slap-down of the DC bureaucracy. I don't know if it's a software or hardware (firmware) change, but I've had US cellphones unlocked both here in Argentina and in Panama. It has nothing to do with the SIM card. Government interference causes huge economic dislocations in markets, usually to the detriment of the consumer. In Panama, the cellphone service market is open, resulting in lots of competition and very low rates. Here there is little competition, rates are high, but fraudulent account charges run rampant.. There is surely a proper role for government (preventing fraud), but preventing competition in markets is NOT one of them.
33-miles is 174,240-feet. The stated altitude of this a/c was 33,000-feet. Please try to get your facts accurate, before you post.
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The Petulant President

RetiredInArgentina Wrote: Jul 06, 2014 9:07 AM
You forgot (?) to mention the culpability of the Republican Establishment who have aided, abetted, and enabled the statists.
Right, and how about the violations of the rule of law by the Regine's Justice Department?
In an otherwise fine article, your statement: "The erosion of the Antarctic ice shelf and glaciers elsewhere should confirm to even casual observers that global temperatures are rising. Scientists arguing CO2 emissions contribute are not quacks but their prescriptions, and those of the president, have a naïve quality bordering on wilful and malicious ignorance." belies your own ignorance. The Antarctic ice is now at a record level, and the so-called scientists arguing that human-caused CO2 has made any significant change to the Earth's temperature are indeed "quacks". I have no argument with you in re. the minimum wage.
Why no mention, Mr.Benko, of the two Big Wars that have been waged for many decades within the USA: Poverty and Drugs (both of which are long since lost, but continue to waste billions annually)? How about the current regime's subversive War against the Constitution, personal freedom, and the rule of law? Power corrupts, and the insatiable lust for power is part of human nature, not subject to change. Governments everywhere are too big, too intrusive, and too wasteful of human resources.
No, it was from the Chicago Mafia!
Try DuckDuckGo.com, for browsing.
Having grown up in SW Michigan, and played football in high school, soccer has never been interesting to me. Now, living in Argentina, where soccer is an insane passion, I've watched some games, just to be sociable. I've never been a hockey fan either (seems like legal assault and battery), but I see a lot of similarity in the game of soccer. Accurate passing by all the players, and timing of movements, is what produces goals. Try watching a soccer game as a US quarterback looks downfield, and try to see where everyone is and where they are likely to be in 1 to 2 seconds. You then might appreciate the game, at least enough to stop the Ulgy American act by slamming something that you don't understand. OBTW, soccer fans are just as guilty of cultural blindness, having no understanding or appreciation for "American Football." (see the many biased comments below)
This is just one more opportunity that, based on past lost opportunities, Issa will side-step. It appears that he has just been grand-standing in all of the scandal hearings held to date. I'm still waiting for one -- just ONE -- lawbreaker from the Obama Regime to be prosecuted, convicted, and sent to prison. I am not, however, holding my breath.
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