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Just found some of your posts today (my ISP is very slow), and I have agreed with all I've read. Just one question for you: When the Attorney General, the Nation's Top Prosecutor, is just as guilty of treason as his boss, who is left to prosecute those crimes? The House held him in Contempt (yawn), but he's still in office, about to be replaced by his clone.
When you "reform" a pile of manure, it still stinks! It has to be buried to keep from attracting flies. The Department of Education, and all of its regulations and "programs" need to be eliminated. Self-deportation has actually worked at times in the past. Its problem is that those self-deporting are workers, leaving the leeches (such as "anchor babies") and criminals behind. If one of an anchor baby's parents either self-deport or are deported for cause, the family can and should stay together on their way OUT.
I lived in FL for all of Jeb's terms as Governor, and I agree with you. Redistribution of $$ by the federal government always comes with control strings attached, leading to ever more onerous regulations that stifle freedom and innovation.
Science, education, medicine, and every other human activity that has come under the coercive power and control of governments, has led to corruption. There is only one way to reduce this: eliminate the honey-pot and mountain of regulations that enable cronyism. The sharks of K-street would disappear if there were no ROI from their presence and "investments" in Congressional influence.
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Stop The Immigration Flood

RetiredInArgentina Wrote: Feb 26, 2015 7:58 AM
Legal Immigration to other countries (not the USA) is difficult, time consuming, and costly. Far as I can tell, I'm the only one in this corner of Argentina. The US State Department also makes it difficult to legally even visit the USA, much less immigrate. I've just completed the process to apply for my wife and step-son to travel with me to visit family and friends in the USA. The State Department website is the most confusing on-line system I've yet encountered, with many errors, as well as "Catch-22" problems. The US has been so flooded by immigrants, both legal and illegal (I would question the legality of the Obama Administration accepting tens of thousands of people from Muslim countries as "political refugees"), that Congress should place an immediate "STOP ORDER" on applications for legal permanent immigration until the border is controlled, the administrative process for legal immigration is fixed, and the country has had sufficient time to deal with the enormous problems already created by non-assimilation.
I suppose that stating all of these facts as rhetorical questions reduces the Judge's probability of being sued. Just as the media use the adjective "alleged" when writing or speaking about criminals, even though they are caught "red-handed" in their criminal acts. It's SOOOO PC!
I think that the problem is neither. The problem is clearly a clash of cultures, one of which believes in "live and let live (personal freedoM)" and the other " you believe as Allah says (as interpreted by a Mullah) or I'll kill you." It's really no more complicated than that. Jews, Christians, atheists, Muslims, Hindus, gays, straights, transgenders, etc. are all human beings who should have the same rights under the law and have no right to harm others, period. No one should be entitled to special rights. What the World is losing is the rule of laws based on personal freedom. Sharia law is clearly barbaric, but if Muslims want to live under it, let them go back to the Middle East, but leave their neighbors alone.
Yes, and he told us so endlessly in his first campaign: "fundamental transformation". I knew what he meant then, but the majority of the voters never got the message. I think that they still do not. Neither do the Republican elites.
Ann Arbor was known as the "Berkeley of the Midwest" before I moved there in 1960, and for good reasons. I attended every home football game for the 12 seasons living there, and never witnessed and destructive behavior by the fans. As a conservative, serious-minded engineering student, earning every cent of the cost of living, tuition and books, I had no time to try to debate political philosophy with the likes of Tom Hayden and his leftist cabal at the Michigan Daily rag. Never bought into the statist position, either.
UM, BSE(AeE) 1964. I never started writing checks to the Alumni Association, since they refused to accept me into the MBA program after scoring in the top 1% on the ATGSB (now GMAT). As a white male, they had no "slot" for me. I don't hold it against the Wolverines, though, and wear my Block M slippers every day. Hoping that Jim Harbaugh can coach the Wolverines back to gridiron greatness.
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