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Quit having sex without marriage!
A person of "Faith" means that they believe in God as The Creator, and that His Son, Jesus, came to earth and lived and died as a human. But with His Divinity,His suffering took on the penalty for all who sin,therefore, He was resurrected to live and walk among witnesses to prove his defeat of death. No person of 'FAITH" who believes and accepts all of this, would support lying,cheating,stealing,and killing as Hillary has committed for years and years- compiling reams of documents creating this legacy!
Jeb is grabbing on to the "Common core" cuz he knows that the Education lemmings will follow! Do not even THINK of a establishment Repub! America needs and must have a turn around with a strong conservative and- Yes-Christian leader!
You may think I am crazy-but I trust God and His overseeing of the leaders of the world! There may be a trend here with changes in Congress!
All of this hype is designed to sell this turncoat's book! Do not fall for this blather!
They can "cut and paste" body parts-they can't CHANGE THEIR BRAIN!
Typical liberal left media! We find out the TRUTH about Mandela and his Marxist/communism after his death-just as we learned that Joe Mc Carthy was right on about the Communists in our government-and now in these last few months we are realizing the leftist/marxist,socialist,anti-capitalism,Muslim lover Obama!
It s simply the evil one getting into all Christian activities and expressions using satan's world,the flesh and devil!
There is nothing ILLEGAL about talking about or displaying the symbols thereof a religious holiday! It is not an ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION! Congress (or school boards) should make no law that "... or prohibits the free exercise thereof"!
Every time from now to 2016-that you see the name Hillary,Bill or Chelsea in the news-it will be an attempt to lay the ground work of peace and love and good things and wonderful actions and world wide accomplishments and all sorts of reasons why America needs to finally put a woman into the presidency (small "p" on purpose)! Just keep your eyes and ears open to the flow of the media manipulations instilling Hillary and all of her amazing attributes and awesome qualities for becoming Obama's replacement. If you really look closely at the fine print and bottom line of each article and effort-the TRUTH will jump out at you! Just remember : Vince Foster,Connie Hamzy,Paula Jones,Gennifer Flowers,The Rose Law firm,James Mc Dougal,Ron Brown,Monica Lewinsky,Kathleen Willey,Linda Tripp,Johnny Huang,Flight 800,and now Benghazi and Huma! Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin, Weiner’s wife and close assistant to Hillary Clinton, aren’t “standing by their men” as is commonly said. Rather, they’re standing on the heads of the women their husbands have victimized. The worst thing that could happen to women in America who have been similarly victimized,is for Hillary to be elected president.
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