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Google Celebrates Cesar Chavez’s Birthday on Easter

retire05 Wrote: Mar 31, 2013 1:46 PM
Yeah, the same Cesar Chavez who took his union goons to the southern borders of the United States to beat up the illegals trying to come across the Rio Grande to take the union goons jobs. But hey, let's just ignore the historical fact that Cesar Chavez was anti-illegal immigrant,.

If you’re one of the roughly 2 billion Christians celebrating Easter today and you haven’t yet tried the Bing vs. Google challenge, it may be a good day to give it a shot. Today’s 'Google Doodle’ celebrates the birthday of leftist labor leader Cesar Chavez rather than Easter Sunday. Via Breitbart:

March 31 marks the birthday of National Farm Workers Association (later United Farm Workers) co-founder Cesar Chavez. Chavez, who was trained by Saul Alinsky in the tactics of community organizing, has become a cult figure in California due to his organization of agricultural workers. March 31...

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