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No, questions are not submitted to the White House in advance. Also, if you like your plan, you can keep your plan.
He's an obamacare denier.
What do you have against jobs?
It would have been easy to give Obama a pass on Benghazi, or at least let him off as easy as President Reagan got off for the Lebanon bombing. But none of the other presidents used such attacks as a pretext for attacking the first amendment. If President Obama hadn't done that, I for one would have been willing to let the issue pass with no more than the usual grumbling. Does this help you to understand a little better?
No, it doesn't show the GOP can govern. It shows that the GOP can surrender. But we already knew that.
No, Republicans should not think strategically. Republicans couldn't do strategy even if they knew how. Anytime they try to do strategy, it will be thrown back at them that they are doing strategy. Words like crass, cynical, and ploy will be used to describe what they're doing. It's not like Democrats, who get words like priorities and goals used to describe their actions, even when they slip up and talk about their crass, cynical ploys. And in paragraph 9, yes, it can be both. Democrats are fighting them on all fronts; Republicans don't have the luxury of just picking one front on which to fight. If they do, Democrats can pour a lot of resources into fighting them on that one front, and then leaving Repubs with nothing when they are beaten there. Repubs do not have the wealth and power of the media/celebrity/governing class to use against Dems on all fronts, but they can at least keep them off balance. That is, if they don't keep coming up with stupid, loser strategies like we've heard in the past few days.
It's only a degrading term if you let it be a degrading term.
That's it? The headmistress gets to take a mulligan?
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Questions the Press Doesn't Ask

Reticulator Wrote: Dec 26, 2012 12:09 AM
Are there special summer camps where children can go to learn how to suppress their sense of curiosity so they can become White House reporters?
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