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Back in the days when there were liberals and an ACLU, they would have shut this down in about ten seconds.
If only it were true that a Republican victory would be the end of civilization as she knows it. Unfortunately, last week the Republicans made sure her type of civilization would continue, when they used slime and stealth to reauthorize the Ex-Im bank. At least it's a green solution. There is no point in everybody putting more CO2 in the atmosphere by driving to the polls to elect more of the same.
Well said.
I get the picture. It's OK for John Ransom to oversimplify and engage in colorful exaggeration to make a point, but it is not OK for Ron Paul to do that.
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Article One and Stunts

Reticulator Wrote: Jul 12, 2014 1:35 AM
If it weren't for tea partiers, I could easily wish that no Republican is ever again elected to office.
Long before this, I always wanted to take an antiseptic shower after setting foot in a Burger King.
"Is there anyone writing regularly these days whose next column is as eagerly awaited as Mike Royko's used to be?" James Taranto. (And yes, I used to eagerly await Mike Royko's next columns.)
I like #12 and #15 best.
So governmental corruption is just fine as long as the practitioners are nice to look at?
So how are we going to reduce the size and scope of government?
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