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Caving is what Republicans do best. It's why we elect them.
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Dear GOP: Show, Don't Tell

Reticulator Wrote: Dec 27, 2014 9:50 AM
It's not just Republicans who do this to themselves. They have willing helpers. The media, who are all too happy to report on Republican strategies, positions, and tactics while the Democrats, on the other hand, have priorities and concerns. But the media couldn't do it without Republican help.
"an anti-Muslim film clip that sparked violence in the Middle East" Fact-check much, AP?
"...but before I’d vote for Jeb I’d lick the floor of a Detroit bus station restroom." Disappointing to see Mr. Schlichter going wobbly on Jeb Bush. He needs to be opposed more firmly than that.
The GOP now controls both houses. That's why Boehner has to make a deal with Dems to defeat conservative GOPers on the budget. It's just like Karl Rove told us, first we need to win some elections.
People don't seem to believe me when I tell them that the goal of the left is to make all behaviors a) mandatory and b) illegal.
Back in the days when there were liberals and an ACLU, they would have shut this down in about ten seconds.
If only it were true that a Republican victory would be the end of civilization as she knows it. Unfortunately, last week the Republicans made sure her type of civilization would continue, when they used slime and stealth to reauthorize the Ex-Im bank. At least it's a green solution. There is no point in everybody putting more CO2 in the atmosphere by driving to the polls to elect more of the same.
Well said.
I get the picture. It's OK for John Ransom to oversimplify and engage in colorful exaggeration to make a point, but it is not OK for Ron Paul to do that.
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