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What is Responsibility Anymore?

Reta2 Wrote: Apr 24, 2012 12:14 PM
Hide and watch. It's all over but the weeping. By the way, a person who was not eligible to have run and was then elected does not hold the office legally and therefore cannot be impeached, only arrested, tried and if found guilty imprisioned.
Watching the Sunday talk shows, I heard "responsibility rewarded" as the catch phrase from everyone tied to the administration and reelection effort. I got up around 7AM after about five hours of sleep to get a jump on work and to have some family time later. It was sickening to listen to Axelrod & Co suggest that it's people like me that are sucking out oxygen in the economy and that those that woke up much later Sunday morning are some kind of unsung heroes deserving more of my earnings. It was downright despicable to suggest that the nation with the...