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Van Jones: Romney Managed to 'Out-Obama Obama'

restoreliberty Wrote: Oct 04, 2012 11:22 AM
Our local paper here is the same way....a two inch box just above the fold with this headline, "Obama and Romney spar over economy in first debate" and the article is more about the horse race and all the skewed polls that dominated the media, of course they do not mention the polls that came out late Tuesday and early Wednesday before the debate.

When even your Left-as-can-be former green jobs czar thinks you lost. Mitt Romney delivered the debate of his life last night, and this telling soundbite from Van Jones illustrates why: Romney did a better of job connecting with, and dare we suggest, empathizing with, his audience.

President Obama’s former environmental jobs czar believes his former boss lost the debate.

Van Jones, President Obama’s former special adviser for green jobs, said on CNN that the president was not ready for Wednesday night’s debate against Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

“I think he took Romney too...