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Politics Interfering With D.C. Hate Crimes Law

restoreliberty Wrote: Aug 24, 2012 1:42 AM
These laws, and the people that propose and support them, are not interested in adjudicating hate; they are merely interested in perpetuating stereotypes for political gain and social status. Instead of actually believing in a moral code, applicable to all, they wear these fake little decorative badges of moral relativism without actually holding any true convictions. These laws are established as a means of intimidating the populace and stifling dissent on social issues. These laws are meant to segregate society and fragment the community of mankind as a means of deconstructing cohesiveness and pitting people against each other so that political elites can gain or maintain power.

Last week, a man with a master's degree from George Mason University, a gun and 50 rounds of ammo walked into the Family Research Council. When a building manager named Leo Johnson blocked his entry, he shot Leo in the arm.

Leo Johnson wrestled the shooter to the ground, saving untold lives. The shooter then begged for mercy from the unarmed man, saying something like, "Don't shoot me. It was not about you. It was what this place stands for."

In the shooter's backpack were 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches, which he apparently planned to drop on the bodies of the many people he wanted...