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Paul Ryan: 'Stop Measuring Compassion by How Much We Spend'

restoreliberty Wrote: May 10, 2012 11:35 AM
which ideas, which policies.....come on, please educate us, give us specifics....oh that's right you never have specifics about anything, just empty slogans and parroted talking points that propose no ideas, suggest no policies, and in fact are empty and devoid of any content you are sure helping to solve problems and make life better for millions by setting an example to others of how not to vacuous and empty headed

Ever since President George W. Bush used the phrase "compassionate conservatism" as a justification for his domestic policies that were heavier on spending, the political world has complacently allowed "compassion" to be conflated with "spending." Washington has injected trillions of dollars -- and a heck of a lot of good intent -- into programs designed to help the poor, the vulnerable, and the sick, while calls for an evaluation of how that money is spent are met with villification.

Just look at Rep. Paul Ryan. After he introduced a budget that would curb...