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ObamaCare Is Pro-Market Like the Berlin Wall Was Pro-Migrant

restoreliberty Wrote: Oct 01, 2012 12:25 PM
I will not participate and I know how to zero out my tax liability so that the government has no refund to withhold. I could probably add a whole new line of business at my accounting firm providing consultation on how to legally avoid the tax penalty. The instituting of "can never be denied" is an open door to drop insurance, invest those premium dollars where they will earn money, and tell the insurance companies that were present in that back room deal to go take a flying leap. Frankly the American people would be better off if the entire industry collapsed.
Today’s New York Times features an opinion piece by J.D. Kleinke of the conservative American Enterprise Institute. Kleinke’s thesis is that ObamaCare’s conservative opponents should stop complaining. “ObamaCare is based on conservative, not liberal, ideas.”

If one defines conservative ideas as those that emphasize free markets and personal responsibility, there is zero truth to this claim.

  • Free markets require freedom, like the freedom to control your own property, to enter markets, and to negotiate prices and other contractual terms. ObamaCare mandates how people must dispose of their property, imposes tremendous barriers to entry into markets, and imposes price controls and myriad other terms...
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