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Obama Spokeswoman Worries Regular People Too Stupid to Understand Barack's Debate Answers

restoreliberty Wrote: Oct 01, 2012 3:11 PM
Obviously Ms. Psaki is too stupid to understand when she is being manipulated and used as tool; furthermore, she should stop projecting her inadequacies onto the American people. As a woman, I am disgusted by young women like Ms. Psaki who would demean others in service of a man who has proven time and time again to hold women in low esteem. Any common con artist can spout a line b.s., in fact it is their stock and trade and Slumbama has proven that he is the greatest con artist to ever be elected to the office of the president. I play tapes of women that spout this type of ignorance to my daughters, so they will not be taken in by such ignorant and insulting ramblings.

President Obama is smarter than you, don't you know? According to Obama spokeswoman Jen Psaki, President Obama gives such thoughtful, extended answers to debate questions that is makes it difficult for regular people to understand.  From the Washington Examiner:

President Obama’s campaign spokeswoman said she’s concerned Obama will sound too “professorial” to resonate with the low-information voters tuning into the presidential campaign for the first time during this week’s debate.

“[W]hat the American [people] are looking for is not just a professorial list of facts or accomplishments or even goals,” Obama campaign spokeswoman...