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More Federal Mommy

restoreliberty Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 3:08 PM
Now you know why these programs have a dismal record of success. They actually destroy the natural will to learn by replacing it with engineered curriculums that please adults but leave young minds in a stagnant pool of concepts that their little brains cannot even contextualize. There is nothing inspiring about these curriculums, nothing that allows a child to explore his/her interests, nothing to turn high energy into engagement with the world around them, and nothing to expand their horizons beyond social engineering dogma designed to instill sameness and group think.

On Thursday, the Center for American Progress released a grand plan to provide pre-school for the Obama Administration. I’ll pause for a moment while you make the requisite jokes about the missing Obama pre-school transcripts. The plan outlines how the administration can provide free pre-school. According to an article by Phillip Elliott at CNS News, subsidies for families with younger children would increase to an average of $7200 per child and the number of students in early Head Start Programs would double.

The article states: “Under the center's plan, Washington would match states' spending on these preschool programs...