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Jerry Brown Says to the Feds, Back Off

restoreliberty Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 2:41 PM
Let's see....hmmm...will reducing inmate populations result in cuts to union prison jobs? I think this is ole Moonbeam doing a little cya public relations show. Even if there were enough non-violent offenders, California prisons are government run cash cows for unionized public sector jobs, and complying with the order would not sit well with Moonbeam's (and the democrat party's) base of unionized state and federal workers. In reality wait for some sort of absolution from Slumbama that will allow the democrats to escape from their own policies and radical advocacy, protect union jobs, and keep the government run union prison industry strong.

"It is now time to return the control of our prison system to California," Gov. Jerry Brown declared at a news conference Tuesday morning.

Amen to that. Federal lawsuits and federal judges have taken over the state's prison system. Unelected judges don't have to worry about paying for what they command. Nor need they worry about losing their jobs should they incite the public's wrath. Thus, judges have ordered massive increases in inmate health and mental health spending. Those orders have driven up the annual cost per inmate to more than $55,000. About $17,000 of that sum goes toward...