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Is Our President a Bit of a Jerk?

restoreliberty Wrote: Sep 03, 2012 12:11 PM
I hope he destroys the entire democrat party for generations to come. They deserve to only be founds in the back pages of history books under Parties The Used To Exist.
Drifter33 Wrote: Sep 03, 2012 12:28 PM
There is a good chance of that...and believe me--the dems know it.

1. Obama's re-election bid was announced in a sports venue hand-picked to provide maximum PR "bounce"--it was largely empty during his announcement. --Why is that?
2. Queen Pelosi herself has urged her lemmings to not attend this week's DNC. --hmm...why is that?
3. The dems are now actively recruiting college students from across the area to attend the DNC. --I'm sure they'll make that trip more palatable with free stuff, of course. --But, if Obama is so awesome & the economy is "improving", why would the dems need to bus in an "insta-crowd" to witness his second coming?

The dems know they are in trouble. No doubt about it.
At law school, few people knew Barack Obama really well, and I wasn't one of them, although we did have some dealings when we overlapped The Harvard Law Review.

But in the run up to the convention, it's clear that there are people who have had extensive dealings with him -- and they don't like him very much.  Two themes have emerged from news coverage in the last two days, and they are revealing:

(1) He's selfish: